How to Live a Healthy Life by Changing Your Habits

A healthy life is undoubtedly the greatest desire of all of us. After all, without health, life radically changes its meaning. The best way to feel happy, energetic and healthy in the future is to lead a happy, energetic and healthy life in the present. The benefits and pleasures produced are both immediate and long-term.

We are increasingly walking in a direction, where people finally realize that being healthy is much more than just not being sick.

We cannot allow life to pass through us without living it with energy and stimuli that transmit happiness to us. We have to make our lives more attractive and stimulating by simply taking a firm, active and participative stance towards them.

Many times, we are not able to stop the journey of life. Despite this fact, life is also the fruit of our attitudes and behaviors. We are, therefore, the result of our experiences.

How to have a healthy life?

“What needs to be done to be healthy”, “how to start a healthy life”, or “how to have a healthy and happy life”, are questions that people often ask themselves.

Debrucemo, first, on the question:

what does it mean to be healthy? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is “physical, mental and social well-being, rather than the mere absence of disease… “. In other words, being healthy is not only the absence of illness, but essentially the physical and mental well-being of the individual. It is no coincidence that the WHO defines health in this way, giving the word a much broader meaning than just the simple antonyms of disease.

Although health appears, of course, to be associated with the word medicine, it goes far beyond the meaning that, many times, common sense attributes to it, associating it only, normally, to curative medicine. Medicine is, however, much more than that, as its major concern is disease prevention.

People’s lifestyles, poor diet, stress, among other factors, have contributed greatly to exacerbating the problems. Examples include diabetes and high blood pressure, diseases closely related to the habits of modern populations.

Many of the problems that modern medicine helps to solve could easily be avoided if followed by some of the essentials recommendations to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Changing habits and behaviors is imperative and urgent. We do not mean by this that we should follow to the letter all the rules for a healthy life, as if it were a hard, painful and even castrating plan for people. Life must be lived with intensity and pleasure, so we must never become mere prisoners to attitudes/behaviours that, although healthier, would be both painful and limiting.

Life is made up of choices. Take your awareness, find the balance between the pros and cons of your personal tastes, towards a healthier life and not forgetting that ultimately it is your quality of life that you want to improve.

We talk about changing attitudes that stimulate us and lead us to happiness, and in this way improve our health condition. It is not always possible, it is true, but in the vast majority of cases, it is perfectly feasible.

As an example, imagine a simple walk in nature or enjoy your favorite piece of fruit. These are two simple examples where it is completely feasible to enjoy life and improve your health at the same time.

Food, physical exercise

Healthy living is also in our hands. Let us not judge that we can eat excessive amounts of sugar every day and that in the event that one day, we will suffer from diabetes it will simply be a matter of fate and bad luck. We cannot judge those who are subject to high doses of stress every day, and we will not persistently pay a high price for it. Let’s not think that we can be smokers for years and let’s not collect respiratory problems and a degradation of our quality of life.

Our attitudes make us think sooner or later about our health.

Obviously, our attitude to life is a determining factor in making it healthier. Think of life as positive and feel good about yourself before any action.

At least two important things to keep in mind. First of all, nutrition. A good diet can do much more for your health than you think. Nutrition and healthy living are inseparable concepts.

Secondly, physical exercise. This, since it will be done in the right way, can greatly improve your health and well-being, thus contributing to a better quality of life.

Think of physical exercise as something positive and relaxing, not as something hard and “it has to be”. Find out which is the activity that you like the most and perceive the benefits that it can provide.

Change only these two factors and discover a healthier life.

If you intend to delve deeper into these and other topics, we encourage you to read on our blog articles related to nutrition and the benefits of physical exercise.

Quality of life

How many of us already feel the discomfort caused by a simple backache. Or you felt the discomfort caused by repeated infections, often caused by the weakening of our immune system.

Many examples we could point out, however, we are all aware that illness or discomfort drastically diminish our quality of life.

Today we live in an era where time has come to dictate the rules. The lack of time leads people to live in a constant race against this precious commodity.

We don’t have time to eat well, we don’t have time for physical exercise, we don’t have time to talk to people, we don’t have time for many things that are considered essential in our lives. These behaviors, unfortunately, generate a variety of problems, with serious consequences for our health and well-being.

In the presence of these problems, on the one hand, people are strongly affected in their health, on the other hand, their quality of life is greatly degraded.

In short, we would say that it is not possible to have a good quality of life without having healthy habits.

Healthy longevity

Average life expectancy a few decades ago was substantially lower.

With improvements in living conditions and advances in medicine, it has gradually increased. Still, it is, because we all want to live better and longer.

The current goal is not just to live longer. It is to have a lasting health, that is, to lead an active, healthy, happy and goal-oriented life. However, living longer is not synonymous with living better. The increase in life expectancy often comes at the expense of more or less sophisticated treatments that, despite their effectiveness, greatly damage people’s quality of life. We should not only want to live more, but to live better.

Longevity is also in our hands. We believe, evasively, that we must focus our attention on the maintenance of a healthy condition, taking for granted that our attitudes in the present will have a profound impact on our future health.

If you want to live healthier and longer, start taking measures in this direction, that is, measures that are firm, healthy and at the same time contribute to your current well-being.

Benefits of a healthy life.

The benefits of healthy living are countless for people. It will not therefore be necessary to describe them with an extractor, since we all know what is gratifying to feel healthy or, on the contrary, what is painful is to feel sick.

However, the benefits of healthy living don’t stop there. Health care costs are increasingly inconvenient for people, either directly or indirectly through their taxes that are channelled to the Public Health Service.

There are studies that clearly show that for every dollar invested in prevention, we can have a significant return on savings with curative health treatments.

In other words, the priority of investment should be channelled to disease prevention. On the other hand, the social and economic costs caused by illness, such as absenteeism from work, are very significant, with increasing expenditure on social protection.

Health & Wellness

It is indisputable that there is today a great interest in curative health, where medicine has evolved, extraordinarily, in recent years. As we have seen, these advances in medicine have undoubtedly brought people a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life.

In the absence of health our whole life is reduced and we cannot, therefore, live it and taste it in its fullness.

We must therefore reflect on our future, because our quality of life will also reflect the way we live today.

Therefore, a new paradigm must emerge, in which the promotion of health and firmer attitudes on the part of people to prevent disease, with enormous benefits for their health, improving their quality of life and well-being. In short, it is intended that each one of us should develop a healthier lifestyle in which health comes first.

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Myomectomy Surgery in Nigeria by Indian Surgeons

Myomectomy surgery in Nigeria

Prior to the intervention of the expert surgeons of India, myomectomy surgery in Nigeria was performed in the form of open surgery. But with the intervention of the top surgeons of India, laparoscopic procedures were introduced in Nigeria and resulted in the improvement of condition for the betterment of patients. The affordability of the surgical procedures performed by the renowned Indian doctors to remove uterine fibroids made it a preferable option for the Nigerian women. Instead of traveling all the way to India for the surgery, they can now avail the treatment in Nigeria.

With the evolution of surgical interventions where the best Indian surgeons travel to Nigeria to perform the surgeries, better healthcare is easily accessible by the people of Nigeria. The highly qualified Indian surgeons with the use of advanced tools and techniques are now able to provide surgical solutions to them locally. Without the patients having to travel overseas, the Indian surgeons are providing effective care at the comfort of the Nigerian patients. Through different surgical and OPD camps, the best surgeons of India are continuedly delivering quality healthcare solutions to the people in Nigeria.

What is Myomectomy surgery?

Myomectomy surgery refers to the surgery type performed for the removal of uterine fibroids. The general symptoms of myomectomy include heavy periods, irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, or frequent urination. However, Nigerian women seek this procedure to treat infertility issues and issues in conceiving. While gynecology surgery in Nigeria is being performed widely, the knowledge and expertise of the surgeons from India are increasing the success rates of the surgeries.

The Different Techniques of Myomectomy Surgery

There are three different techniques that the expert Indian surgeons use while performing myomectomy surgery. Depending on the number and type of fibroids to be removed, the doctors use the right technique. The three ways of performing myomectomy surgery are:

Abdominal Myomectomy
When a patient is detected with Intramural or subserosal fibroids that are large in number or size, the surgeons perform abdominal myomectomy. Being a major surgical process, the experienced surgeons of India carefully make an incision on the lower abdomen and remove the fibroids from the uterus walls. Women having very large fibroids or many fibroids are the right candidate for abdominal myomectomy.
Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
When a woman is detected with submucous fibroids in the uterine cavity, the doctors recommend them to undergo hysteroscopic myomectomy. This type of gynecology surgery is performed with the use of a hysteroscopic resectoscope. The medical instrument is passed into the uterine cavity through the vagina and cervix, and the fibroids are removed. Generally, this is the most preferred mode of surgery as it involves no scars. However, the employement of the procedure depends upon the size, number and site of the fibroids.
Laparoscopic Myomectomy
Laparoscopic myomectomy is another popular type of surgery that is performed by the top surgeons from India. Laparoscopic myomectomy is recommended for the women who have been detected with a smaller number of subserous fibroids. With tiny incisions, the surgeons easily remove the fibroids and help in providing faster recovery to the patients. For the Nigerian women laparoscopic myomectomy is a better option as it assures faster recovery, lesser hospital stays and minimal scarring. The chances of complications are also little to none.
The Preparation for Myomectomy Surgery

On being detected with uterine fibroid, the doctor may prescribe you certain medications before undergoing surgery. The prescribed medicines help in reducing the size of the fibroids, making them easier to be removed. Before the surgery, you may need to undergo certain tests, including blood tests, MRI scans, electrocardiograms, and pelvic ultrasound. These reports help the surgeon to ensure better success.

The Recovery Process of Myomectomy Surgery

The recovery duration differs depending on the type of technique used for conducting myomectomy surgery. While laparoscopic myomectomy takes two weeks to four weeks for recovery, undergoing hysteroscopic myomectomy will take only two to three days to recover. The abdominal surgery in Nigeria takes the longest time to recover, which is about four weeks to six weeks.

While you may experience some discomfort and pain after the surgery, taking the recommended medications help in easing the pain. Doing strenuous exercises or lifting heavy objects must be completely avoided until the complete healing of the incisions. Through successful surgeries, the Indian doctors help in removing the fibroids and giving the women of Nigeria an opportunity to become pregnant safely.

The Success Rate of Myomectomy surgery in Nigeria

After undergoing the gynecology surgery in Nigeria, the chances are very high that women will get relief from heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, and other symptoms. The intervention of the qualified surgeons of India has increased the success rate of such surgeries in Nigeria even more.

The likelihood of pregnancy after the surgery depends on the number as well as the type of fibroids present. The women of Nigeria, who have successfully removed more than six fibroids, have more chances of getting pregnant. As the procedure may weaken your uterus, the Indian doctors will recommend a cesarean delivery in order to prevent any complication.

For all the women in Nigeria having uterine fibroid, undergoing myomectomy surgery performed by the Indian specialists can help in removing the fibroids and providing relief. Depending on the type, size, and location of the fibroids, the best doctors of India will perform the appropriate surgery in Nigeria for optimum outcomes.

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